[Blog Tour] 7 With 1 Blow by Caraway Carter

I’m glad to have Caraway Carter here today talking about his upcoming release, 7 With 1 Blow. Thank you for stopping by.


Thank you for hosting me today, Lila. I’d like to kick off this post by tossing in an exclusive excerpt from 7 With 1 Blow.


A munch was in progress at the Hens and Heifers off Route 90 in the city. The gathering had been in full swing; nearly everyone who had RSVP’d arrived on time. Dominants sat with their submissives, single people sat around tables together, but there was a crackle of nervousness jumping from group to group as they talked, ordered beers, and nibbled on peanuts shelled to the concrete floor below them with not-quite-steady hands. All of them were regulars; there were no newcomers to run off and tell tales once the deed was done. Not that many would know it was a deed being done, anyway, but it was always good to be sure.

The Cadre sat at the head table. They chatted as well, but four of them had their eyes on the door. They were waiting for two people, and until those two arrived, the meeting would not be complete.

“You’re sure he’ll be here?” a dark-haired older man with a salt-and-pepper beard said as he passed a pitcher of ice water to the whip-thin man on his left.

“Oh, he won’t miss it. We talked about his favorite ways of hurting his boys, as if I knew nothing about it. You know him. He loves to brag about everything he does to them. I just played fascinated,” the other man said as he poured water for the blond woman next to him. A narrow smile that held no humor creased his equally slim goateed face. His black hair barely covered his skull in a precise boot-camp military cut. “He won’t be able to resist the chance to brag in person. He’ll be here. He’ll never know what hit him.”

I’ve been talking with a few people about 7 With 1 Blow, and they’ve admitted to me that they were unfamiliar with some specific terms that they don’t use in their day-to-day lives.

Today, I present you with the definition of MUNCH. The Urban Dictionary defines it: A low-pressure, social gathering at a restaurant or pub for people into BDSM. Particularly intended for people new to the scene that might be intimidated by a play party.

The ones I’ve attended have been at large out in the open restaurants. Where we talk about everything, our lives, our jobs, our enjoyments and sometimes our play. But, for the most part, it’s people getting to know people, while chowing down on good food.

The munch in 7 With 1 Blow, is a little more formal in that they are in their own room, but the ones I’ve attended have been people sitting around a table. Or several tables shoved together. It’s about being polite to those around you, they didn’t ask to be involved in your discussion, and they came to that restaurant to eat, not watch a spectacle.

Be sure to check out the other blog posts, I’ve got a few more stops where I’ll have more exclusive excerpts and will explain a few more aspects of BDSM found in my upcoming release: 7 With 1 Blow


7 With 1 Blow

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Cover Artist: Caraway Carter

Length: 46,000 Words
Rating: Adult/Mature
Amazon: US I CA I AU I UK I DE


When Taylor Little, who styles himself “Dom Seven,” is unwillingly taken into custody by the Cadre, he is put between a rock and a hard place. Either he will go to jail for his abuses against the local BDSM community, or he will accept retraining from the bottom up, learning to be a slave before he ever lays a flogger on another human being again.

In this tale of redemption, Taylor must face his demons as he learns to accept his status with mouth, mind, and heart.

WARNING: This story contains scenes of sexual intimacy and BDSM.


The man of the evening arrived—late as usual, but no one was surprised. It was just his style. During his few short years in the Scene, Taylor Little had gathered quite a following between customers, hangers-on, flatterers, and the occasional scene partner. It wasn’t the most experienced or the most prestigious crowd in the local Scene—in fact, many of Little’s followers were even less experienced than he was—and people had noticed. Important people, people who could make or break a new Dom.

Not that Taylor Little cared. He’d ruined munches, crashed play parties, and generally acted like an arrogant banty rooster in a too-small hen yard. It wasn’t surprising when he would show up at a munch, poach an inexperienced boy, and put him on the web in a BDSM porn shoot a week later; it was just inappropriate.

His lateness was also par for the course. Taylor Little—who called himself “Dom Seven”—made his elaborate entrance. Normally, his slaves crawled before him, regardless of the venue or whether it was appropriate. The sharper-tongued members of the Scene whispered that it was because of his height, which, even with his heavy boots, topped out at five foot seven. But this time, his current slave walked in front of him, shirtless, his neck enclosed inside a black leather collar. A chain snaked away from the collar’s single jump ring and into Taylor’s black-gloved hand.

In an uncharacteristic nod to propriety, Taylor had had this slave wear dirty white Converse tennis shoes and tight black jeans, with a thick black leather belt. As they entered the room, a scowl crossed Taylor’s face. It were as if no one had paid attention to anything he had done with his slave; the crowd was still looking at Mistress Joan.

Taylor and his slave were the only ones not looking at Mistress Joan. Instead, Taylor looked around the room to see if anyone was checking out his new boy while the slave kept his own eyes focused on his shoes. Not a single soul was looking their way. With a frown and a muttered command, Taylor tapped the slave on the shoulder. The boy nodded his head and dropped to his knees as Taylor looked around for an open chair. As the boy fell to the ground, the door of the backroom swung shut so that no one, aside from those gathered in the room, was witness to the slave boy’s further humiliation.

About the Author

Caraway Carter has worn numerous hats. He’s been a furniture salesman, a dresser, a costumer, an actor/waiter, a rabble rouser, a poet and most recently a writer. He married his husband on Halloween and they are the loving parents of an adorable cat, named Molly. He loves words and stringing them together, he loves sex and sexy men. He loves seeing how far his muse will take him and he’s looking forward to entertaining you.

Caraway Carter | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

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