Restless Spirits by Jordan L. Hawk

Restless SpiritsRate: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Publication day: June 6, 2015
Length: 218 pages
Publisher: Widdershins Press LLC (Self-Published)

After losing the family fortune to a fraudulent psychic, inventor Henry Strauss is determined to bring the otherworld under control through the application of science. All he needs is a genuine haunting to prove his Electro-Séance will work. A letter from wealthy industrialist Dominic Gladfield seems the answer to his prayers. Gladfield’s proposition: a contest pitting science against spiritualism, with a hefty prize for the winner.

The contest takes Henry to Reyhome Castle, the site of a series of brutal murders decades earlier. There he meets his rival for the prize, the dangerously appealing Vincent Night. Vincent is handsome, charming…and determined to get Henry into bed.

Henry can’t afford to fall for a spirit medium, let alone the competition. But nothing in the haunted mansion is quite as it seems, and soon winning the contest is the least of Henry’s concerns.

For the evil stalking the halls of Reyhome Castle wants to claim not just Henry and Vincent’s lives, but their very souls.

My View: It took me a long time to read this book, but I enjoyed it in the end. I read the Spectr series part 1 and loved Gray, but I think Vincent and Henry are fighting for a close second.

I had some trouble in the beginning following the pace of the changing POVs, and it took me a minute to figure out the four main characters, but after that, it was a relatively easy book to follow. Almost like a game of Clue mixed with a historical version of Scobby-Do. Definitely, a clever book.

Other than the characters, I enjoyed the events, in addition to the not quite romantic plot. The MCs had great chemistry, but I think they got more of a strong HFN than an HEA. Needless to say, the build-up and banter, leading to their relationship was entertaining, even if so, a little easy for men of their time.

The string of events and the diversity of the characters worked well with the story. And, I need to accept that I didn’t guess the perpetrator. In the end, the author threaded a great story, filled with true and ingenious facts to give the reader a well-paced adventure with a taste of romance. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

What I liked the most: The mystery and paranormal aspects of the story.

I wanted more of: Probably a pause between the POV changes at the beginning of the story.

Who should read it: Fans of paranormal and historical stories.


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