Like the Taste of Summer by Kaje Harper

Like the Taste of Summer

Rate: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: YA, Historical (1980’s)
Publication day: July 11, 2011
Length: 225 pages
Publisher: MM Romance Group

Dear Author,

I realize I’m late to the party, but it took me a bit to find just the perfect photo! This:

The first time is so beautiful, if the one you’re with cares enough to make it that way. These two are so young: barely out of high-school, but college is all about finding out who you really are.

Photo Description: The place is secluded; leaves filter the sun. The men are so young, shirtless, smooth skin and sleek light muscle. The dark boy tentatively holds his lover, head tilted to bring their mouths together. There is nothing tentative about the blond. He leans in, driving the kiss. 1980’s sweet summertime.

My View: I got this story by the struck of luck. I was looking for a short story by a member of the Goodreads MM Romance Group and stumbled upon this. I had missed it since it was published in 2011 and I didn’t start reading MM romances until 2013. I’d need to start looking for older books every so often.

This story is perfection in a handful of pages. The author did an outstanding job creating the perfect setting, decade, and credible characters to give their love story the best chance to succeed.

The first lines make the reader step into the narrator’s POV. Then, we accompany him in his journey, as if stepping back in time together. The MCs’ feelings are palpable since the beginning and grow as time moves forward. It’s easy to experience everything they had and hope for their happily ever after.

The pacing worked within the story. We see enough to gauge their relationship, but not too much to get sidetrack by unnecessary plot points. The balance of scenes and events made the romance authentic.

What I liked the most: The love between the main characters exemplifies everything that it’s right about a first love.

I wanted more of: Nothing. The story had the perfect combination of feelings, realism, and HEA to satisfy its readers.

Who should read it: Everyone in search of a sweet love story.

The story is available on the author’s website.

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